Inspirational Words For Those Suffering From Addictions

Crooked trees are beautiful too, they have a divine purpose and unique character

These inspirational words for those suffering from addictions come from the Inner Gold System for recovery based on the teaching of Gordon Bruin. They speak not only to addicts and their families but to everyone who lives and breathes. We should not make judgments or assumptions about people because we are all struggling with something.

Crooked trees are everywhere and they are beautiful and add so much to our lives simply by being exactly what they are.  

Crooked Trees

“There is a wonderful story about Ikkyu, a Zen monk who lived in the fifteenth century in Japan.  It seems the governor of the province where Ikkyu lived posted a sign next to a twisted and gnarled pine tree.  If you’ve hiked in high altitudes, or along the coast, you can often see trees like this – trees that have been sculpted by the artistic winds and rain they are exposed to.  The sign read, “Whoever can see this crooked pine tree as straight will receive a prize.” 

“People who walked past the tree and read the sign stopped and tried to figure out this riddle. How could they see this crooked tree as straight?  Many people circled the tree, some several times.  Others laid flat on the ground and looked up from below.  A few climbed the tree and one person brought a ladder so as to get a glimpse of the tree from above the crown. 

“But nobody figured out how to see the crooked tree as straight.” 

“So the riddle went unsolved and word of this challenge spread throughout the province.” 

“One day Ikyu came walking by and read the sign.  He looked at the tree and immediately went to the governor’s estate.  He claimed, ” I have solved the riddle and would like my prize.”  Somewhat surprised, and perhaps a bit suspicious the governor asked, “how did you see the crooked tree straight?”  And Ikkyu answered, “It is crooked.”  A crooked tree is crooked and to see it “just as it is” is to see it straight.”

“As you go through this week realize that no one is perfect.  Everyone that you come into contact with has their own crosses to bare. Have compassion for others and yourself as your work out your challenges one day at a time.”

We all need inspiration in our daily lives, it makes things seem less overwhelming, and helps us keep going when we slip up or fall flat on our faces. Inspirational words for those suffering from addictions can actually change the course of someones whole life. They are not to be taken lightly.  

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